How to Change the World – Book

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD tells the stories of people around the globe who are solving many of the world’s most intractable problems. Full of hope and energy, exciting solutions and compelling characters, this book shows how a growing wave of “social entrepreneurs”- individuals with initiative, creativity, savvy and determination- are reshaping the world for the better. These individuals — from doctors to lawyers, from engineers to journalists — are successfully demonstrating that one person with a powerful idea and the drive to succeed can bring positive changes to the lives of thousands or even millions.

How to Change the World – David Bornstein 49

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3 Responses to How to Change the World – Book

  1. justice says:

    i would love to make a difference and leave a nicer,safer world for my kids, too. thanks for visiting my site by the way.

  2. shadow says:

    Leaving a better inheritence for my children is part of what prompted this site. It was my pleasure visiting your site and I look forward to future visits and more great info!

  3. How to change the world is really very good book The author has written case studies on impact making social entrepreneurs. His efforts are commendable. This is a must read book for everyone. I have also worked in this line. I did my doctoral dissertation on social entrepreneurship and developed model of social entrepreneurship. I also met impact making persons like Jagdish Patel, Vipin Shah, Ila Ben Pathak, Ishwar Bhai Patel etc. and studied impact making organisations like BPA (Blind People’s Association), SURE, Vikas Vartul Trust, CERC (Consumer Education and REsearch Centre) , ESI (Environemtnal Sanitation Institute of India), AWAG (Ahmedabad Women Action Group) etc. It was indeed a great learning experience. I used participant observation method also and worked with Vikas Vartul Trust Bhavnagar. Write to me if you want to read my thesis or collaborate with me for future research work.

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