Very Cool Idea!

I am not sure how I missed this post from Joel Spolsky but this is a great idea and I hope that he gives us an ongoing narrative of how this works!

Our latest thinking is just to train a new generation of leaders from the ground up.

To that end, today we’re launching an experimental new program, the Fog Creek Software Management Training Program. That’s a terrible name, but bear with me!

And then he has this jewel that More people should read and understand!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with promoting a programmer to management, but management is a different job and requires different skills from programming. Many people who are excellent developers are lousy managers, and promoting someone out of a job that they love doing and are good at doing into a job that they hate and are not good at doesn’t make sense. We plan to make sure that programmers have explicit career paths that do not require them to shift into management just to get the next raise in salary level or benefits.

Fog Creek Software Management Training Program – Joel on Software

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