A very interesting and well thought out argument about the next big language

Steve Yegge’s excellent rant on why Java is dying and what could replace it.

You wanna know what I think? I think Java, seemingly at the very crescendo of its fame and glory, is actually about to get blown away by some other language. And it’s going to happen in about a year, with the new language actually becoming the most popular language on the planet by 2008 or so. By then, it’ll feel like it happened almost overnight, just as C, C++, Perl and Java all took off like wildfire.

OK. What language is it? Might as well get prepared…

Unfortunately, I don’t know. I’d pay a pretty penny to know, so I could start writing in it right now, feeling confident that it’ll be a bet I won’t regret later. After all, the most popular language will start getting libraries and docs and performance enhancements, all the benefits of being a First-Class language, basically. That’s the one you want to bet on.

I can tell you what I think it is. I think it’s going to be Ruby. Yup. Not Lisp, not Scheme, not Arc, not Haskell, not OCaml, not Python. Not XML (please, not XML.) Not Perl 6 or C++ 18 or Java 29.


The Next Big Thing

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2 Responses to A very interesting and well thought out argument about the next big language

  1. memer says:

    If Perl 6 actually makes it out of vapourville next year, watch out. It’ll be a two-horse race, mos def.

  2. shadow says:

    Hey memer thanks for the comment.
    Are you the same memer that is mentoring McD on his McBlog?

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