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As we enter 2006, it’s about time we unite around a common feed icon. I’d already implemented it in K2, for the next release, and today I found this site which is promoting the use of a unified feed icon. Firefox started it, IE is onboard, it’s time for us to back up around it. Spread the joy.

Update: I found some more info at Feed Icons 


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One Response to Unified Feed Icon

  1. mcdmcblog says:

    OK… The icon is getting a standard. Is the automated subscription mechanism also gaining some movement? If I click on this icon in Firefox and IE what happens… would the mime type of the payload file (text/RSS? or text/Atom or text/xml) be recognized and a handoff to a configured application be invoked?

    How many people have aggregators anyway? When Windows XP or Vista and OS/X do then we’ll see some progress in moving people to a subscription based model.

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