10 Amazing Architecture Wonders of the New China

These will all go on my List of Places to Visit.

China’s current building boom is doing more than sucking up the world’s supply of steel, it’s creating a stage for some of today’s boldest architecture and engineering. Take a tour of the 10 of the most intriguing examples.

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6 Responses to 10 Amazing Architecture Wonders of the New China

  1. Sukhbir says:

    Hey Ronin!

    Change the website quote. It’s old now.

  2. shadow says:

    Sukhbir –
    What do you think of the new quote?
    Thanks for the feedback.

  3. sukhbirsingh says:

    Great quote!

    The Ronin Attack!

  4. chenyufei says:

    As a Chinese myself, I know only a little of them(really shamed…)

  5. chenyufei says:

    Forget to add one thing.

    Though the National Grand Theater is already under construction, it is criticised by many people (including me) and has to face a lot of problem.
    1.It costs too much! After it is completed, the mmaintenance also will cost much. Maybe the money should be used on something else.
    2.The innovative design may not look well with the traditional architectures around it. What worse, it will cause light pollution.
    3.After it is completed, how will it be used? If there are not lots of people going there then it’s really a big waste.

    As a Chinese, I hope things will be all right. I am just worried about this project. I am also very glad that people are getting more interested in China now.

    And last, please forgive me if I made some mistakes with my English.

  6. Ryan B says:

    That building is beautiful.

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