Best Company to work for in 2006

FORTUNE’s Best companies to work for: Genentech is no. 1 – Jan. 9, 2006

But there’s plenty else to like about this low-key, high-tech biotech located just north of San Francisco International Airport. For starters, 29-yearold Genentech is not just the very first biotech; it’s the brightest star in a promising industry that has chronically under-delivered. The company’s yearend revenues should come to $6.6 billion, according to Wall Street estimates, triple what Genentech pulled in four years ago. Its stock price has doubled in the past year, to $95 a share. At one point in December it had a market cap of $102 billion, making it the 20th-most-valuable company in the U.S., ahead of Merck, Lilly, and every other pharmaceutical company except Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. “There is only one drug company that has really come from nowhere to be a major force in this industry, and that is Genentech,” says Peter Tollman, a senior vice president and biopharmaceutical expert at Boston Consulting Group. “It is the only drug company in the world that has created that much value without a merger.”


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