Firefly episode list from Wikipedia

A very well crafted and complete entry from a major browncoat fan, or two. I bought the movie but I am falling down on the job and need to get the series on DVD, and I may need to find the comic book too.

Firefly (television series) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The fourteen episodes of the series are, in the order originally intended:

1. “Serenity” (pilot)

2. “The Train Job”

3. “Bushwhacked”

4. “Shindig”

5. “Safe”

6. “Our Mrs. Reynolds”

7. “Jaynestown”

8. “Out of Gas”

9. “Ariel”

10. “War Stories”

11. “Trash”

12. “The Message”

13. “Heart of Gold”

14. “Objects in Space”


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One Response to Firefly episode list from Wikipedia

  1. Jason says:

    “Our Mrs. Reynolds” and “Trash” are probably my favorites. Yo-Saph-Bridge rules!

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