Reading Ruby and Rails Mailing Lists in style

I was trying to read the Rails mailing lists via email but the volume is so high even with Daily digest set that it became problematic. Along comes Dave Teare with a potential solution.

I have tried various mail clients to read the Rails mailing list for the past 12 months. As the list volume grew, it became utterly impossible to browse through the new messages and very hard to locate the useful gems I had previously found. After subscribing to a few more lists, I realized that there had to be a better way. I could not find anything to meet my needs, so I designed DevLists, which, thanks to rails, was easier done than said. aims to make managing your mailing lists as simple as possible by providing one simple, clean interface for reading your favorite mailing lists and posting responses.

DevLists is packed full of features to make it possible to keep up-to-date on multiple mailing lists, including:
* Ability to mark favorites by flagging interesting messages, threads, and posters
* Easily track new/unread messages for each subscribed list
* Fully functional keyboard navigation
* Full support for folding quotes within messages
* All messages are persisted for easy reference and searching.

All this and it is just v1.0! Take some time to watch the movie and decide for yourself. Then be sure to let me know what you think!

Dave Teare
Co-author of

I have signed up for the service and unsubscribed from the mail list. I hope it will scale!


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3 Responses to Reading Ruby and Rails Mailing Lists in style

  1. dudymas says:

    Totally there too. I can’t use it yet, since I’m subscribed to different mailing lists than those offered, but I hope that there will be some new ones soon 😉

  2. Did you put in a request for the mail lists you need?

  3. Dave Teare says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

    We just added some OS X mailing lists because of popular demand. Email us the lists you’re interested in and we can add them over the next few weeks.

    Co-creator of

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