A Weighty Topic indeed

Hillbilly PhD » Blog Archive » What does integrity mean to you?

How important is integrity to you?

Who are some good examples of integrity?

Do you know how to build integrity?

Wow, this is indeed a very intense set of questions. The very first link on Google that I pulled up for integrity tossed me into some very deep intellectual and philosophical waters. I want to give these questions the time and thought that they deserve so I am putting them up here to prompt to research and respond to them ASAP.

This was the approach that I thought of when I first read the questions, which boils down to, Doing what I said I would do.

A related approach to integrity is to think of it primarily in terms of a person’s holding steadfastly true to their commitments, rather than ordering and endorsing desires. ‘Commitment’ is used as a broad umbrella term covering many different kinds of intentions, promises, convictions and relationships of trust and expectation. One may be, and usually is, committed in many different ways to many different kinds of thing: people, institutions, traditions, causes, ideals, principles, projects, and so on. Commitments can be explicitly, self-consciously, publicly entered into or implicit, unself-conscious and private. Some are relatively superficial and unimportant, like casual support of a sporting team; others are very deep, like the commitment implicit in genuine love or friendship.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


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2 Responses to A Weighty Topic indeed

  1. Ryan B says:

    I would have to say the same thing, but when you answer in 5 or so words you don’t feel right. Especially if you are asked in person. It seems as though the person that asks gives you a look that says that’s all that trait that is so important means to you? Then you sit ther and stumble.

  2. Rocky says:

    I was really hoping that the questions would generate some discussion. Wow! Did you ever put some thought into the response of this. You have an awesome description of it. Troy Worman at 100 bloggers has a great definition of integrity. You can find him in many places on the internet. you can try him at http://100bloggers.blogspot.com great site!

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