What in the world does Egoboo mean?

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Egoboo is a colloquial expression for the pleasure received from public recognition of voluntary work.

The term originated in science fiction fandom, originally simply used to describe the “ego boost” someone feels on seeing their name in print. As a reliable way for someone to get their name in print was to do something worth mentioning, it became caught up with the idea of voluntary community participation. As a result of this, in later years, the term grew to mean something akin to an ephemeral currency – “I got a lot of egoboo for editing that newsletter”.


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2 Responses to What in the world does Egoboo mean?

  1. Rocky says:

    Cool word. I had not heard of that one. By the way, I think the whole Ronin thing is cool. I am captivated by it. I did not previously know the word or the meaning. i have always been fascinated with that kind of stuff. Where and how did you come to use the term?

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