Why Ronin?

Rocky from Hillybilly PhD asked the best question of the Year.

I think the whole Ronin thing is cool. Where and how did you come to use the term?

In the late 70’s maybe early 80’s I read a business/career book that contained Ronin in the title (My Google search for this book has produced no results at this time) and predicted that everyone would become masterless (self employed) and would need to develop all of the skills needed to run their own business/career, essentially becoming Modern Ronin.

The Ronin idea became a theme in my book reading habit for quite some time and I read many books ranging from James Clavell’s “Shogun” to “The Book of Five Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi and branched out into other areas like “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu and the ideal of Wabi-Sabi and I have even attempted to create bonsai.

My career had just begun during this reading frenzy and I believe that my consulting/contracting prediliction resulted from my enthrallment by the concept of being a Ronin and mastering as many business/life skills as possible and not becoming a specialist in a chosen field.

Even now I continue to push myself to Master new skills as per my 2006 resolutions and I look forward to striving to become the best Ronin I can be. The silver comes of course from the gray in the remaining portions of my hair. Maybe I should try a Ronin hairstyle since I would not have to shave my forehead.


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4 Responses to Why Ronin?

  1. Rocky says:

    Greatexplanation. I really like the whole concept. keep it going.

  2. ronin666 says:

    Stumbled across this page while doing some research on Japanese Kanji. I believe the name of the book you are referring to is “The Way of the Ronin: Riding the Waves of Change” by Dr. Beverly Potter. I had come up with many of the same conclusions on my own and that book gave me a name for the type of life I wanted (and do) lead. Be good.

  3. Have you heard Alan Watt’s lecture on Eastern Aesthetics? He does a literally beautiful job of explaining wabi-sabi & a host of other ideals.

    If you haven’t drop me a line… *wink*

  4. Thanks so much for the file BlueBerry Pick’n I really appreciate the extra effort!

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