Ronin – Word of the Day

Do Ronin!

A ronin is a person who is self-directed, self-managing; who views work and career as an adventure, not as toil, not as a negative thing. Of course adventure implies risk; it also implies stimulation and learning. Ronin turn problems to challenges. Their career paths are nonlinear, different from the traditional strategy of climbing a corporate or professional ladder. And they have developed many saleable skills which enables them to be adaptable.


About Dewayne Mikkelson

A technogeek in life and a webdeveloper by profession. Blogging is my favorite sport.
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2 Responses to Ronin – Word of the Day

  1. Beverly Bishop says:

    Dewayne, thank you for your comment. I as well will browse around on your site now that I know it is available. If you don’t mind I will add you to my links to be able to go to it quicker. Again thank you for the comment. Have a great day. Bev B

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