I want my oil and all of my toys and a clean planet and I want them right NOW!

Everybody needs to read, link and, I hope, discuss this article Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Robert Newman: It’s capitalism or a habitable planet – you can’t have both

If we are all still in denial about the radical changes coming – and all of us still are – there are sound geological reasons for our denial. We have lived in an era of cheap, abundant energy. There never has and never will again be consumption like we have known. The petroleum interval, this one-off historical blip, this freakish bonanza, has led us to believe that the impossible is possible, that people in northern industrial cities can have suntans in winter and eat apples in summer. But much as the petroleum bubble has got us out of the habit of accepting the existence of zero-sum physical realities, it’s wise to remember that they never went away. You can either have capitalism or a habitable planet. One or the other, not both.

Update: The Daily Blabity has a great post that really pumps up the message about this topic and is a great read.


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3 Responses to I want my oil and all of my toys and a clean planet and I want them right NOW!

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  2. What a fabulous quote… I gotta remember that…

    Until then, All Heed The Wombat!!

  3. Wow, I like the Wombat, thanks for leaving that link!

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