Complete Anatomy of a Geek

Irina nails the vast majority of Geeks at West 116th Street

It starts out innocently enough. Maybe you go on a few dates with that nice boy who helped you with your math homework, and then, you suddenly find yourself trying on Yoda costumes for your romantic getaway to the Star Wars convention. Or maybe you are an eloquent English major who, thanks to some fortunate miracle, gets a job at Google, and next thing you know, you are surrounded by strange people who speak only in Perl, PHP, and Matrix references. Geeks are everywhere, and you are likely to interact with them at some point. So, as a public service, I offer you this short guide to help you understand the geeks in your life.


About Dewayne Mikkelson

A technogeek in life and a webdeveloper by profession. Blogging is my favorite sport.
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9 Responses to Complete Anatomy of a Geek

  1. crazybarbour says:

    have anyone heard of, or watches a new TV reality programme called “Beauty and the Geek”? It is hilarious… these Geeks and Models get paired up and the Geeks teach the models facts and figures, and the models teach the geeks how to act around woman and how to dance, chat up, etc…. and there are then competitions against the other pairs etc etc
    Pretty gd…

  2. Now that is what I would call a unique collaboration. What channel is it on?

  3. Irina says:

    Hey, thanks for the props. I aim to please.

  4. peteremcc says:

    yeah yourself Irina 😀

    thats practically me, let’s see…

    LOTR… Check
    H2G2… Check
    Ender… Check
    Neil Gaiman… Nope
    Pratchett… Check
    Dune… Nope
    HP… Check
    Star Trek and Star Wars… Kinda
    Space, Aliens… Check
    Robots, Science, Time Travel… Check
    MathS, Computers… Check
    Monty Python… Check 🙂
    Mel Brooks… Nope
    Religion… Nope (Atheist)
    Video Games… Check
    Education… Kinda (Majoring in Computer Science and Political Science)
    RIAA, MPAA… Check
    Numb3rs, Bill Gates… Nope (I like them)
    Chess Club… Checkmate


  5. Hello Irina – Glad you could make it by the old virtual homestead and pub. As you could tell I was very impressed with your post. Looking forward to more of your observations.

  6. crazybarbour says:

    Dewayne – It is on a UK channel, E4. I don’t think Americans can view it, and I don’t know if you are American! You can always leech it if there are any torrents out there.

  7. Endie says:

    It’s on E4 but will be on channel 4 in March. I was just blogging about it myself – coincidentally it is filmed in the castle I hired for a few days to get married…

  8. crazybarbour, yes, I am an american. I certainly want to try and see Beauty and the Geek!

  9. crazybarbour says:

    Wow… this is going back a good while. If you want I could upload a few episodes… will take a while but I could try. Will get back to you on this.

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