Stretching the Brain

Omnipotence paradox – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The omnipotence paradox arises from the attempt to apply logic to the concept of an omnipotent being. A well-known formulation of the paradox is:

Could an omnipotent being create a stone so heavy that even that being could not lift it?

The crux of the paradox is whether an omnipotent being is able to limit its own omnipotence. Since the Middle Ages, philosophers have phrased the paradox in a variety of ways, of which the “heavy stone” is only one (see below).

Some philosophers argue that the omnipotence paradox is proof that an omnipotent being cannot exist. Others argue that the paradox only arises from a misunderstanding or mischaracterization of the concept of omnipotence. Finally, some philosophers consider the question to be a false dilemma, because it avoids the possibility of varying degrees of omnipotence (Haeckel).


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2 Responses to Stretching the Brain

  1. Rocky says:

    Dang! Thats a hard one. The best my brain can do with that one is to say that I hope that if the omnipotent makes the stone that cannot be moved, I hope it doesn’t fall on me. It is kind of like the question ” What would happen if the unstoppable hit the unmoveable” My mind can’t comprehend the outcome.

  2. I agree Rocky, I think I might have really hurt myself with this one. I have been having a hard time getting any good posts written after this. I need to find my muse again.

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