Technorati Glitch?

Is it just me or is the Technorati Blog Ping Us going backwards. For the last two days I have been adding posts to this blog and everytime I use the Ping Us it seems to go back another day. Hmmmmmmm!!!!


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A technogeek in life and a webdeveloper by profession. Blogging is my favorite sport.
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10 Responses to Technorati Glitch?

  1. Technorati really sucks..The thing is that it’s not indexed CT for 25 days and the same for Problogger, Blog Herald and seems like Shadow’s joined the list. 😦

  2. bmobmobmo says:

    yeah my watchlist is way out of whack, no one has posted in certain categoties for 103 days and what not.

  3. Ryan B says:

    They have a glitch with wordpress. They say I haven’t pinged in 125+ days. Which wordpress pings them automatically.

  4. Hmm…Lotsa other blogs are like this too… I hate Technorati and mailing their Customer Care Support or whatever has yielded no response still. 😦

  5. Ryan B says:

    How long ago did you email them? It took me 3-5 days for a reply

  6. Wow, that’s terrificly fast, super fast considering Technorati. Dr.Mike in WP forums recieved a reply after 2 weeks and I mailed them about 15 days ago.Cheerss!

  7. Ryan B says:

    This was also when WP was beta, and I could like go back and forth with Matt a few times in 20 minutes with feedback,

  8. Another reason to be like Google and stay in Beta forever! :mrgreen:

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