Hmmmm, This White Hemingway is interesting but,

I think I would like it better if I could use the red color for the descriptive headers like the ones at Desperate Curiosity

Anybody happen to know what theme Andrew is using?

Update: I found a new version of Hemingway that solves my primary issue with White Hemingway that Chrono Cr@cker also pointed out, the inability to have more than two posts visible on the home page. The modified Hemingway is called Hemingway Revolutions and was created by Peter Harkins for his blog called Push cx

Also in the comments to this post Andrew from  Desperate Curiosity stopped by and offered to help out with the modifications that he uses.

Thanks for all of the comments they are greaty appreciated.

Your Host,

Dewayne Mikkelson


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9 Responses to Hmmmm, This White Hemingway is interesting but,

  1. kristin says:

    looks like hemmingway to me… he probably just modified it a bit

  2. Thanks kristin, I thought it was too.

    Napfisk – Thanks, I was torn on the About section myself. I may look at a slightly different take for the about section and put my bio on a different page.

  3. You’ve shifted to Hemingway eh? Well, can’t you have more than 2 posts in your main page…

  4. Hey Chrono – I could not find any settings for more than two posts although that would be excellent!

  5. Yeah, for this reason alone you should probably change it.. But the silver looks better than the black..

  6. Ryan B says:

    I dislike the red.
    Andrew was using Shocking Blue Green. Now dusk.
    That is the design of Hemingway, two partial posts, no way to change it unnless you recode the theme.

  7. Andrew E says:

    The Hemingway version I was using is attributed to Kyle Neath:

    As people said here, I just made some simple modifications. If anyone is interested I can provide my version by email just contact me here:

  8. Thanks for the info Andrew and for the modifications offer.

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