Wow what a Bold adventure!

WorldRider: Journey of Adventure & Discovery

On July 4, 2005 Allan Karl left his home in Southern California on a Journey & Adventure to travel around the world — from top to bottom, then all the way around — alone on a motorcycle.

Without a support team and carrying only what will fit on his 2005 BMW F650GS Dakar single cyclinder dual-sport motorycyle he will travel 50,000 miles through 50 countries and attempt to reach all 7 continents.


About Dewayne Mikkelson

A technogeek in life and a webdeveloper by profession. Blogging is my favorite sport.
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4 Responses to Wow what a Bold adventure!

  1. Rocky says:

    The closest I ever cam to anything that radical was swimming with sharks. 50,000 miles and 50 countries, WOW! That is really incredible! I wish all the best for his adventure and hope he accomplishes his goal.

  2. Salvador says:

    I’m following his footsteps this summer. California to Argentina :o)

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