Wikipedia Speed Learning Key Stroke

Via Webby’s World

Most Wikipedians favourite keys are Alt and X. Why? As on the Wikipedia that is what you press to get on a random article (if you have JavaScript enabled). The wonder of this is, it is a true way to learn something new every day. If you don’t have JS enabled you can either click here or click ‘Random Article’ on the Wikipedia.

Great Tip I am looking forward to using this as often as possible.


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2 Responses to Wikipedia Speed Learning Key Stroke

  1. I am glad you like it and I hope you do find it useful.

    I have not tried the AnswerBar but I will look at it right after this post.

    My apologies, I have noticed that the font is really small here but as long as I am using WordPress.Com I am completely beholden to the theme creators and have no control of my own until they finally allow us to fix our themes. I will attempt another harangue of my current theme’s author to see what he can do!

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