This blog knocked my block off!

Benedict Eastaugh the author of the incredible ionfish that I found last friday. I am still digging through his archives and reading every single post with relish. I happened upon his Noteworthy post in which he is talking about getting rid of the dross in his posts. He also referenced his very first post which caused the title of this post.

If this is dross please, oh please writing gods let me write some dross.  I highly recommend that all of my readers check this blog out. I rank it as My blog of the month (even with the month just starting) and it could be My Blog of the Year.  I know the year has just started but ionfish is a really great blog!


About Dewayne Mikkelson

A technogeek in life and a webdeveloper by profession. Blogging is my favorite sport.
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One Response to This blog knocked my block off!

  1. Rocky says:

    Good blog indeed. thanks for the link.

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