Grow your Get Smart network

Rajesh Setty has a very interesting post about how we can get smarter by contributing to our network and helping others to grow which can help us to grow. I feel like blogging is very similar to helping your network grow. We find stuff in our daily life and our internet wanderings and we bring them back to share them with our readers.

Contribute to the growth of your entire network 

If we are in the company of smart people, chances are that you will become “smarter” than what you are. How about approaching life in a way that you are consciously contributing to your entire network and ensuring that everyone is growing? Wouldn’t that increase your chances of growing faster than you are currently growing? I bet it would!


About Dewayne Mikkelson

A technogeek in life and a webdeveloper by profession. Blogging is my favorite sport.
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2 Responses to Grow your Get Smart network

  1. Rocky says:

    I agree, The sword is sharpened by the stone.

  2. Ryan B says:

    It is said you can say you know a,b,c but you don’t know it untill you can teach it to another person

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