What?!? It has been a week already?

Wow, This week went by in a blink of my eye. I really hate it that I cannot blog from work anymore. I seem to get my best ideas and inspiriations early in the morning (it is 8:50am EST as I am writing this) and I do not get to post during the work week.

I guess I could try to  create all of my posts on the weekend and send them out during the week. I have not found an easy mechanism to do that on WordPress yet. (Any ideas?)

I have found a workaround to getting something onto this blog from work but it involves using Digg and it leaves alot of Digg info attached to the post that I then have to clean up in the evening when I get home. (I wonder how Digg allows me to accomplish this (xmlrpc??) and if there is someone out there who is making a blogging tool that uses the same technology?)

I did find a bunch of good stuff that I have blinked into BlinkList as blogthis tags and I will be working on getting them into more posts this weekend.

I wanted to thank AtariBoy for the blogmad and Windows Live Messenger invites, they are greatly appreciated!


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A technogeek in life and a webdeveloper by profession. Blogging is my favorite sport.
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5 Responses to What?!? It has been a week already?

  1. Cas says:

    Yes, there is an easy way – when you are writing, go to the “Post Timestamp” section on the right hand side. Click “edit timestamp”, adjust it to whatever date and time you want your post to appear on, make sure you have ticked the ‘edit timestamp’ box, then publish as usual.

    WP should then miraculously hold that post till the time you specified. It worked when I tried it just now to publish something ten minutes in the future, so I can’t imagine why it couldn’t manage days in the future.

  2. Atariboy says:

    No probs, i’m happy to give out invites if it will make the world a better place 🙂

  3. Thanks Cas, I will give that a shot and see how it works, thanks!

  4. peteremcc says:

    I think what you are after is something like Writely…

    Basically its like Microsoft Word but on the internet, once you’ve finished writing you can choose what to do with your message (including sending it to a blog).

    You can’t sign up at the moment as they have been bought by google and are moving, but should be back soon.


  5. Wow, I did not know that Writely allowed posting to a blog that would be awesome. I will check it out as soon as google has it back up and running. Thanks a ton!

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