Where in the World is Flat Stanley?

We were walking by The Discovery Place yesterday and my wife was just telling me about my bonus son sending his Flat Stanley to his grandmother and how much fun she was having when what do we see in the outdoor Dead Sea Scrolls display? A Flat Stanley being photographed with the Dead Sea Scrolls containers in the display.

I wonder if Flat Stanley could be modified and used in our weblogs?
The Official Flat Stanley Project

In the book, Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown, Stanley is squashed flat by a falling bulletin board. One of the many advantages is that Flat Stanley can now visit his friends by travelling in an envelope. This premise provides a reason for us to keep in touch with each other. The Flat Stanley Project is a group of teachers who want to provide students with another reason to write. Students’ written work goes to other places by conventional mail and e-mail. Check out the Flat Stanley List of Participants to see where you can send a Flat Stanley or who might be sending a Flat Stanley to you.Students make paper Flat Stanleys and begin a journal with him for a few days. Then Flat Stanley and the journal are sent to another school where students there treat Flat Stanley as a guest and complete the journal. Flat Stanley and the journal are then returned to the original sender. Students can plot his travels on maps and share the contents of the journal. Often, a Flat Stanley returns with a pin or postcard from his visit. Some teachers prefer to use e-mail only, and this is noted in the List of Participants.

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2 Responses to Where in the World is Flat Stanley?

  1. Honesty is always welcome and appreciated. Basically Flat Stanley is created by a student in her classroom and then mailed to one of the students favorite people who then takes Stanley on adventures and documents all of the fun in a journal and then sends Flat Stanley and the journal back to the student.

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