The Daily Laugh Out Loud

I started reading this article and actually did what my title says, so I had to share it with my 5 dedicated readers.

Most companies have it all wrong. They don't have to motivate their employees. They have to stop demotivating them.

The great majority of employees are quite enthusiastic when they start a new job. But in about 85 percent of companies, our research finds, employees' morale sharply declines after their first six months—and continues to deteriorate for years afterward. That finding is based on surveys of about 1.2 million employees at 52 primarily Fortune 1000 companies from 2001 through 2004, conducted by Sirota Survey Intelligence (Purchase, New York).


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3 Responses to The Daily Laugh Out Loud

  1. GG says:

    I think the article has this wrong. I just started a new job (not by choice, my company was gobbled up by a bigger fish and we were the excrement). Here is what I think employees want (top 3):

    1. To do as little as possible while making as much as possible. They call it management.

    2. To take as long of a lunch as possible, attend as many meetings as possible (gets you away from your desk… excused!) and never, ever, no matter what, miss a break. Hm. I think this one falls under management, too.

    3. To get more vacation time, more personal time and more employees so you can go back to #1 (doing as little as possible because you can always pass the crappy work to the newbies, right?).

    Looks like maybe I should be a manager. lol

  2. rob says:

    How true is that! I work at a place where we all feel a lot of de-motivation. So, it’s true that if that is taken away, maybe we will all feel pretty good about working there. The key to it is not always to be motivating, it’s just to be neutral. That’s good enough for me. As long as you don’t kick me, you don’t have to pet me either 🙂

  3. GG – Thanks you made me LOL with your post.

    Rob – great point, I like the idea of neutral and don’t kick me.

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