Flock Me again!

Well I jumped back into using Flock today and so far I am very happy with how well it is working. I have not tested all of the features yet because of the proxy at work but the items I have tried are very nice. The import of my Firefox settings was clean and problem free. I even found some new to me Extensions on the Top Rated page on the Flock extensions site. If you have not tried Flock yet and you are an adventurer, give it a try. You might fine it to be your cup of tea. More updates over the weekend as I get to try it out unencumbered by a corporate proxy.

Update: Here is a very good post from Napfisk about one of the small updates that would be greatly appreciated by all of us that use Flock and BlinkList.com

I did have a minor issue with my Flock update at home. The install went very well and it works but I was only given the option to import my settings from Internet Explorer and not from Firefox which is my primary browser.


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A technogeek in life and a webdeveloper by profession. Blogging is my favorite sport.
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3 Responses to Flock Me again!

  1. Hi Dewayne,

    Saw your comment on Napfisks site and wondered if you wanted to take a look see at my post on Blinklist as it follows a similar line.

    By the way I have an issue with Flock and its that the MyNews (RSS Feeds) won’t export. So if you use it be aware that you may have to export by hand any new RSS Feeds you add too it.


  2. Hi Roger – Tried to get to your site but the database was complaining and the site did not come up. I will look at your post ASAP!

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