The Real Cost of a Gallon of Gasoline

I have recently wondered why our gasoline costs less than the rest of the worlds and this document even though it is outdated, (a gallon of gas is only $1.00) lays out the basic facts, just ignore the dollar figures.

The Real price of Gasoline

The first step toward getting the public to recognize the damage caused by the United States’ gasoline dependance is getting the public to recognize how much they are paying for this damage. The best way, in turn, to accomplish this goal is to eliminate government tax subsidies, program subsidies, and protection subsidies for petroleum companies and users, and to internalize the external environmental, health, and social costs associated with gasoline use. This would mean that consumers would see the entire cost of burning gasoline reflected in the price they pay at the pump. Drivers faced with the cost of their gasoline usage up front may have a more difficult time ignoring the harmful effects that their addiction to automobiles and the internal combustion engine have on national security, the environment, their health, and their quality of life.


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