Do No Harm! A mantra to live by

This is an awesome concept and I am 100% behind it. Please join in if you are of a similar mindset!

Do No Harm!
This is the start of a new movement, the “Do No Harm” movement.

We seem to be living in a world that is getting meaner every day. Too many of us are only out for ourselves, and we are either oblivious of the harm we cause or we ignore the harm we cause. Could it be because no one taught us otherwise?

Could it be because no one ever asked us to do no harm?

If we look at just about any endeavor our species has engaged in, it would seem we are unaware of the harm we do to others, or we intentionally do harm for our own gain, and sadly in some cases for our own pleasure and enjoyment.

Since we haven’t been taught otherwise we see no harm in doing harm. We cause harm and shrug it off. We cause harm and laugh about it. We cause harm and brag about it.

Worse, our children bear witness to our actions and never learn to do no harm. Above all else we must teach our children, by example and instruction, this simple philosophy of life.

If we are to become a more evolved species we must begin to make better choices and treat each other with more respect, and that includes the other creatures who share this planet and this planet we call home
We believe that the first and most basic moral law is, “Do no harm!” Why? Because we can feel pain and suffering, we can imagine the pain and suffering of others. Because we can imagine the pain and suffering of others, we can act accordingly.

What does “do no harm” mean? For some it means arbitrary restrictions of action (not to strike or kill), speech (not to lie or insult), and thought. But what it ultimately means is thoughtful consideration. Do no harm simply means to consider how our actions may affect the world we all share, to be compassionate in our dealings with all creatures, and not to despoil our planet.

Doctors are asked to first do no harm, why not lawyers, businessmen, religious leaders and politicians? Why not us? Why not now?

If we cannot do good and leave this world a better place for being here, the very least we can do is to attempt to do no harm, and leave it no worse than as we found it.

It sounds like a simple idea, because it is a simple idea, but it just may be effective over the long run. Will “do no harm” solve all the problems in our world? Perhaps not, but this is an effort to decrease the nastiness in the world and to increase the kindness.

We hope that “do no harm” becomes that little voice that guides our actions.

And we hope you will join the movement and pass on the message “Do no harm.”

Show everyone you care and use “Do no harm” to sign-off in your correspondence in place of “Best Wishes”, “Yours” or “Regards.”

If you have a web site, be proud of your support and add the words “Do No Harm” to the top of your home page were everyone will see it.

Be bold and creative in thinking of ways to expose as many as possible to the “Do No Harm” message, but please, do no harm in doing so.

It is not necessary to link to this web page or even to mention the source of the message. This is surely a case where the message is far more important than the messengers. All we ask is that you practice do no harm and take every opportunity to pass the words “do no harm” on to others.

If you wish to include this essay, or the link to the “Do No Harm” web page, that’s fine, or if you wish to change the wording or write your own, that’s equally fine. But if this movement is to succeed, and if we are ever to change our world for the better, we simply must pass the “Do No Harm” message on.

You can sign our guest book, or if you wish, send us your own thoughts or comments and we will add them to this web page.

Sometimes, all you really need to do is ask:

Do No Harm!

c.c.keiser & clyde grossman


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7 Responses to Do No Harm! A mantra to live by

  1. Joy says:

    This is a great philosophy. But it is extremely difficult to live by because of our current society. Our style of living currently includes symmetry of good and bad. Without the bad, I don’t think we can function..

  2. Good Point Joy, but will the bad ever follow this mantra to the point where they are no longer bad?

    I would hope so but I think you are right we will have a constant balancing act between the yin and the yang the good and the bad (and the ugly, couldn’t resist I love that movie.)

  3. Joy says:

    Eventually, in society, we will reach a utopian stage where there is no more ying yang in human culture but rather a equal homogeniety in faiths and morals. We just have not evolved enough to follow this mantra..

  4. earthpal says:

    I so enjoyed reading this post. It has really lifted me.

    I will post the link onto my blog. It’s an ambitious movement but if only a few people abided by this philosophy at least some of the time, it would surely make a small difference and small things often build up into bigger things. We should never give up trying.

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  7. cckeiser says:

    Thank you so much for your support. We all need it.
    As you can see, the Do No Harm movement was just launched, and right now our time and energy is directed at getting the movement off the ground.
    Anything you can do to help make Do No Harm a success is greatly appreciated.
    All we stand to gain is a kinder world.
    Do No Harm,

    Chuck & Clyde

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