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Brown Engineers Use DNA To Direct Nanowire Assembly And Growth

A research team led by Brown University engineers has harnessed the coding power of DNA to create zinc oxide nanowires on top of carbon nanotube tips. The feat, detailed in the journal Nanotechnology, marks the first time that DNA has … Continue reading

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Could someone please build these?

For some unknown reason, over the past two weeks, my brain has been in overdrive thinking about little conviences that I need to have. For example, why don’t our dishes work in such a way that the interior of my … Continue reading

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Your t-test or mine?

Wow, my constant desire to learn new things has really put me into a deep deep hole. After clicking on this link via bento-box I experienced a moment on Non zen thought processes and I will certainly have to spend … Continue reading

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New Magazine and Blogs

I received a new magazine, Seed , in the mail last night and set about reading as much of it as I could. This is a science oriented magazine with a great layout and tons of interesting content. Almost immediately … Continue reading

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MIT Issues Call To Arms On Alternative Energy!

MIT issued a preliminary report on Wednesday that calls for technology development and government policies to avert a "perfect storm" forming around energy! read more | digg story

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Coffee: The NEW health food

Now I do not have to feel so bad for taking the habit back up again after 2 years without drinking any. Turns out coffee is actually good for you. It fights depression, wards off cancer, promotes circulation, and now … Continue reading

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The plan for next week To get smarter, starting this Saturday

Guardian Unlimited | Science | Simple ways to make yourself far cleverer Saturday Brush your teeth with your ‘wrong’ hand and take a shower with your eyes closed. Sunday Do the crossword or Sudoku puzzle in your Sunday paper and … Continue reading

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