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Word of the Day

I really like this word, it just feels bright when you say it outloud. scintillescent (sint-uh-LES-uhnt) adjective Sparkling or twinkling. [From Latin scintillare (to sparkle), from scintilla (spark).] -Anu Garg ( “She tried to discern his thoughts as they stood … Continue reading

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Anomie – Word of the Day

Anomie – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anomie, in contemporary English, means a condition or malaise in individuals, characterized by an absence or diminution of standards or values.The word comes from Greek, namely the prefix a-: “without”, and nomos: “law”. The … Continue reading

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Antidisestablishmentarianism ~ WoTD

Via antidisestablishmentarianism, noun (an-tee-dis-eh-stab-lish-men-TAYR-ee-uh-niz-em) Opposition to separation of the church and state. [From Latin anti- (against) + dis- (apart, away) + English establish, from Latin stabilire, from stare (to stand) + -arian (one who supports) + Greek -ism (practice … Continue reading

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Word of the Day

I really like this word that I discovered today via! manque (mang-KAY) adjective Unfulfilled in realization of one's potential or ambition. [From French manqué, past participle of manquer (to lack), from Italian mancare, from manco (lacking, defective), from Latin … Continue reading

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Word of the Week = amphigory

amphigory (AM-fi-gor-ee) noun, also amphigouri A nonsensical piece of writing, usually in verse form, typically composed as a parody. [From French amphigouri, of obscure origin.] Dewayne's blog is a great example of amphigory.

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Jugad = Word of the Day

Via Harshdeep 2.0 Uttaranchal News, Garhwal News, Kumaon News, Kumaun News ‘Jugad’ is the buzzword in many parts of India these days. The word’s soaring popularity and frequent use among Hindi speaking Indians can easily turn any word of foreign … Continue reading

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Ronin – Word of the Day

Do Ronin! A ronin is a person who is self-directed, self-managing; who views work and career as an adventure, not as toil, not as a negative thing. Of course adventure implies risk; it also implies stimulation and learning. Ronin turn … Continue reading

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