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Version Numbers Great Idea

While doing my morning browse for new ideas I came across a great post at Spindrop about Version Numbers and how to include very pertinent information inside of them. On the otherhand if version numbers incorporated a date, we’d be … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 = WOW!!

If you have not tried Spotback yet, you really need to! I did not think I would be this Wowed again for quite some time but this web application is knocking my socks off today. Give it a try and … Continue reading

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Crowd Sourcing

Found an interesting new website called Cambrian House which is setting up a new idea for making money for Web Software ideas. Here is their Mission Statement. Cambrian House Mission StatementCambrian House’s mission is to discover and commercialize software ideas … Continue reading

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Bug or Feature?

When is a perceived Bug to a User really just a Feature that the Developer was never asked for? Your email alert pops up and you open an email from one of your users who is asking for some specific … Continue reading

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Evil Comment Spammers

Akismet is still a great tool on WordPress but the evil comment spammers are working diligently to elude it’s control and are now getting a few of their many, many comments past even Akismet’s wonderful filters. I am not sure … Continue reading

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Guide to mounting Windows partitions under Kubuntu

I have been playing with the Ubuntu Live CD and was wondering how this could be done. A short guide with pictures on how to put windows partitions on your desktop. read more | digg story

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Freedom Toaster

Wow, this is a great project that I need to add to my list of worthy causes, Billions of people live with restrictive telecommunications environments that make it difficult and costly to access digital products such as free software … Continue reading

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