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Do No Harm! A mantra to live by

This is an awesome concept and I am 100% behind it. Please join in if you are of a similar mindset! Do No Harm! This is the start of a new movement, the “Do No Harm” movement. We seem to … Continue reading

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What does humankind need to elevate themselves?

Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind. – Walden

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My Johari Window

Via Cas at Bright Meadow Here is my Interactive Johari Window – Describe Dewayne Mikkelson This is supposed to be a great tool to help us understand our interpersonal communication and on blogs we need as much help as we … Continue reading

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Stretching the Brain

Omnipotence paradox – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The omnipotence paradox arises from the attempt to apply logic to the concept of an omnipotent being. A well-known formulation of the paradox is: Could an omnipotent being create a stone so heavy … Continue reading

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Complete Anatomy of a Geek

Irina nails the vast majority of Geeks at West 116th Street It starts out innocently enough. Maybe you go on a few dates with that nice boy who helped you with your math homework, and then, you suddenly find yourself … Continue reading

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Ronin – Word of the Day

Do Ronin! A ronin is a person who is self-directed, self-managing; who views work and career as an adventure, not as toil, not as a negative thing. Of course adventure implies risk; it also implies stimulation and learning. Ronin turn … Continue reading

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Why Ronin?

Rocky from Hillybilly PhD asked the best question of the Year. I think the whole Ronin thing is cool. Where and how did you come to use the term? In the late 70’s maybe early 80’s I read a business/career … Continue reading

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